Lasting Impact

On a more personal note, I am posting a message that I just received from a former student.  I have not seen or heard from this student for over 15 years.  I post it here to make a point…you never know the impact that you will have on one or more students in the course of conducting what seems to you to be normal business.  I remember this student, but truthfully our relationship was no more nor less than any other student with whom I worked in those years.  I am humbled by his comments and again reminded that we do make a difference but we often never know with whom or as a result of what.

I have deleted names and places to maintain anonymity.

i am glad to see you are still working with the school systems i looked up to you as a school dean you gave me inspiration in myself when i was told i wouldnt become anything you were so good to students unlike other staff that put me down there were others that cared but not like you and when you left it really made it hard at XXXXXXXXXXX for me because i had no encouraging words from a great man like you other students may not of told you but you brought joy to our school you interacted with students and you showed us you cared me and some of my freinds still to this day talk about your kindness and caring attitude and i thank you so much for keeping me in line buy the way i married someone i went to school with XXXXXXX now known as XXXXXXXXX and ithank you for being there for her when she neede somone she has been through alot and because of you it kept her going even though me and her didnt not hang out that much because we were 2 different crowds i always worried about her know she is in my life and i take good care of her and thank God for wonderful pepole like you and my wife to keep my head up and im sure im speaking on the half of alot of pepole thanx and may God bless

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