Change and the Department of Education

I suspect we are all waiting breathlessly to see who President-Elect Obama names as Secretary of Education.  I have to be honest that I am not terribly encouraged by the speculations that the pundits have offered nor the trend with other appointments that have already been made or leaked.

It may be just me, but I don’t see much real change, just a throw back to the 90s and the Clinton era, of which I am not a fan!

I believe that the current economic mess is complex, but should really bring education to the fore front of the dialogue, not bury it further back as seems to be the case.  I try to be optimistic, but it gets harder with every new name that is a 90s Clinton retread.  I was actually looking forward to the new and improved governmental operation, but alas, it seems that it is not to be.  New faces, same story.

I hope the choice of a new Education Secretary will break this trend.

But, enough ranting!  On with educating tomorrow’s leaders!

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